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KUALA LUMPUR, Feb. 16 (Xinhua) -- Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said on Thursday that the man from DPRK that died in Malaysia was Kim Jong Nam.

Malaysian police earlier identified the man as Kim Chol, according to his passport, but Zahid said the man was indeed Kim Jong Nam.

During a press conference on Thursday, when asked if the man was confirmed to be Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of the DPRK leader Kim Jong Un, Zahid relied, "yes, certainly yes."

He said he was briefed by the police that the DPRK embassy had confirmed Kim's identity.

Malaysian authorities would only release the body after the postmortem is completed, said the official.

Malaysian police said earlier that the 46-year-old man was holding a DPRK passport under the name Kim Chol. His body was taken to a hospital in Kuala Lumpur Wednesday for post mortem to ascertain the cause of his death.

The results of the post mortem are yet to be released.

Two female suspects who were captured by the surveillance camera at the airport had been arrested, police said. The two women hold Vietnamese and Indonesian passport respectively.

The Malaysian boyfriend of one of the suspects was also arrested, police said.

UNITED NATIONS Authentic Courtland Sutton Jersey , July 28 (Xinhua) -- United NationsSecretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday condemned the launchof another "ballistic missile of possible intercontinental range"by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

The UN chief said that "this is again a manifest violation ofSecurity Council resolutions," UN deputy spokesman Farhan Haq saidin a statement.

"The DPRK leadership must comply fully with its internationalobligations and work together with the international community toresolve the outstanding issues on the Korean Peninsula," saidHaq.

The Secretary-General reiterated his call on the DPRK leadershipto respond to the Republic of Korea's proposals to reopencommunication channels Chad Kelly Jersey , particularly military-to-military, to lowerthe risk of miscalculation or misunderstanding and reduce tensions,he said.

The Pentagon said on Friday that an initial assessment showedthe missile launched by the DPRK earlier on the day was anintercontinental ballistic missile.

The missile traveled about 1 Brendan Langley Jersey ,000 kilometers before splashingdown into the sea, said Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis in astatement.

The Pentagon was working on a more detailed assessment, Davissaid.

South Korea's joint chiefs of staff said they estimate that theintercontinental ballistic missile launched this time was moreadvanced than the one launched last month based on the range ittraveled.

However Carlos Henderson Jersey , a Russian Defence Ministry official said Moscow's dataindicated Friday's launch was only a medium-range ballisticmissile, Russian news agency Tass reported. Enditem


You have heard so many success stories about running an internet business, but you do not know how to get started or what is involved. If that is the case Demarcus Walker Jersey , you have come to the right place. This article includes some ideas and tips on how to be effective in internet marketing. Read on to begin your journey of discovery.

On the contact page of your internet business, make sure that your phone number is in a prominent place. More often than not, if a customer has questions about your service Justin Simmons Jersey , he would rather call and speak to a live person to get an immediate answer. Instead of filling out an online form and waiting for an answer.

If you are interested in making your company public on a social networking site then you must try to separate your personal and public personas. The best way to do this is to create two different accounts, one for you and one for you as a professional or small business owner.

The quality of the writing on your website will directly affect your business, for it influences your credibility and professionalism. If there are confused or sloppy sentences Jake Butt Jersey , spelling and punctuation errors–these deflate the good expectations of the customer and make him wonder if your business is well run and dependable. Proofread everything you post on your site very carefully.

You should create standalone pages for stories that are popular to visitors. Using techniques such as index pages can allow you to create a new URL that stands alone and references previously made content without republishing a full article multiple times, leading to a unneeded lower rank on the SERP.

If there’s anything that the coupon hysteria of late should teach us, it’s that everyone loves a sale! If your ad says that you have a limited time sale on right now Garett Bolles Jersey , they know they have to visit your store RIGHT NOW or they’ll miss out! What a great call to action.

An important part of internet marketing is web presence and visibility. It’s not enough anymore to have a well-designed, keyword-rich website. You also need a social media presence, a good blog Matt Paradis Jersey , and active forum memberships. People should think of your name and your business when they think of the products that you sell. The more actively you promote your business, the better you’ll be remembered.

Use a web site and host that allows you to create changes in your site and edit in an advanced level. Some people make the mistake of using websites and hosts that limit what you can do with the site in terms of design, which will only hold you back from your true potential.

These are just some of the techniques used by successful internet marketers in promoting their businesses. If you have a business on the web Derek Wolfe Jersey , try some of these suggestions and see what kind of results they produce. You might have to make some adjustments to make them work for you. Keep learning and you will see good results.

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