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RABAT, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) -- Morocco said Friday a recently busted terror cell with suspected links to the Islamic State (IS) group had planned a car bomb attack in the country, the interior ministry announced in a statement.

On Wednesday, Morocco said it busted a new IS-linked cell and arrested three suspects operating in the cities of Oujda, Casablanca and Fez for plotting attacks in the North African kingdom.

After testing the suspicious substances seized during a raid in a "safe hideout" of the cell near the eastern city of Oujda, investigators found chemicals used for making explosive devices, the ministry pointed out.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspects were planning a series of terrorist attacks in the eastern city of Saidia using a car bomb, it added.

According to the statement, the suspects were also planning to release a video tape to claim responsibility for their terrorist operations under the name of "supporters of the IS in Morocco."

The suspects will be brought to justice after the completion of the probe, it noted.

Morocco is facing a growing threat from the IS. Moroccan interior ministry revealed that since 2002, more than 160 terrorist cells have been dismantled, which had close ties with terrorist groups active in Iraq and Syria. Enditem

A family planning poster in a village of China.

Expert questions fairness of dismissing civil servants for violations

Civil servants in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province could be removed from their posts for violating local family planning regulation Comprar Air Force One Blancas Low , says a new draft regulation.

According to the draft, civil servants will be reduced to a lower rank or removed from their posts if they violate local family planning regulations, which only allow couples to have a second child under specific conditions - including a disability in the first child - the Xi'an Evening News reported Thursday.

It said that those who refuse to pay "social maintenance fees" - fines paid by violators of family planning policy - or faked their records to get approval for having more than one child will be removed from their posts.

In particular, civil servants with one child or those eligible to have two children could be fired if they give birth to two or more children.

"This is a draft amendment Comprar Air Force One Blancas , and we will continue revising it up until the final version is unveiled in November," a local official surnamed Han told the Global Times.

According to the Law on Population and Family Planning that took effect in 2002, Chinese civil servants can be fined and also face administrative sanctions, or even dismissal Comprar Air Force One 07 Mid , for breaching the family planning policy. The law allows provincial regions to set their own conditions for a second child.

"It is inappropriate to fire civil servants for violation of family planning policy. It is also unfair to civil servants," argued Li Jianmin, a professor at the Population Development Research Institute of Nankai University.

Li suggested the regulation be adjusted along with changes in China's population, especially after the central government began to loosen family planning policy last year to allow couples to have two children if one of them is an only child.

Shaanxi began implementing the new policy on March 1 Comprar Air Force One 07 Low , 2014.

"Some said that the new policy seems to be more relaxed than before. However, judging from the local government's other policies, which encouraged single child, it failed to realize how serious the population problems they face now are Comprar Air Force One 07 High ," Huang Wenzheng, a former Harvard University research fellow, told the Global Times.

Couples who have only one child will be given subsidies of at least 30 yuan ($4.8) per month, with the amount raised as general incomes rise Comprar Air Force One 07 , the draft reads.

Shaanxi offered rewards of at least 4,000 yuan to couples who meet the requirements for having two children, but who voluntarily forego a second child, local media reported in July 2014.

Newspaper headline: Shaanxi could fire family planning violators

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