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DAR ES SALAAM Keanu Neal Falcons Jersey , Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- Tanzanian President John Magufuli on Thursday expressed concerns over the slow pace of investigations and conviction of corruption cases, the Directorate of Presidential Communications said in a statement.

The statement said the President made the remarks shortly after he had sworn in Brigadier General Julius Mbungo as Deputy Director General of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) at State House in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam.

Magufuli urged the PCCB to make sure that investigations, prosecution and conviction of corruption cases were hastened in order to eliminate this social cancer.

"If we succeed fighting corruption by 80 percent, this country will make huge progress," said Magufuli.

"Most of the problems facing Tanzania have been caused by corruption. We have ghost workers. We have drugs. We have bad contracts Takkarist McKinley Falcons Jersey , and we have fake academic certificates. All these have been caused by corruption," said the president.

Last year, Tanzania established a specialized court on economic, corruption and organized crime after Magufuli has assented into law a bill approved by Parliament to establish it.

Magufuli had promised to establish the anti-corruption court during presidential campaigns for the October 2015 general election, saying fighting corruption was one of his priorities.

The PCCB Director General Alex Mack Falcons Jersey , Valentino Mlowola, said the decision by the government to establish the court showed its political will in fighting corruption.

Statistics showed that there were 3,911 cases involving corruption allegations during the 201516 year. Investigations on 324 of them had already been completed.

People experience technology of robot in World Robot Conference

Video: US "Section 301" probe violates international trading practices

Samples collected from Caroline Seamount in western Pacific Ocean

Water volume of Hukou Waterfall surged due to heavy rainfall

At least 2 died, 8 injured in knife attack in Turku, Finland

13 killed Vic Beasley Jr. Falcons Jersey , over 100 others injured in Barcelona attack: official

Over 400 killed in mudslides in Sierra Leone

Qiandaohu Lake in China's Zhejiang under stricter protection

JERUSALEM, Sept. 4 (Xinhua) -- Israel on Monday condemned the recent nuclear test conducted by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), a day after Pyongyang said it tested a powerful new type of hydrogen bomb.

Israel's Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the experiment is a "continuation" of DPRK's "pattern of defiance activity."

It urged DPRK to "comply with all Security Council resolutions on this issue and refrain from testing and developing weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems."

On Sunday, DPRK said it "successfully" detonated a hydrogen bomb that can be carried by an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The nuclear test, the sixth and the most powerful of its kind Matt Ryan Falcons Jersey , was carried out in violation of United Nations resolutions.

The UN Security Council is scheduled on Monday to meet on the nuclear test following the request of the United States, Japan, Britain, France and South Korea.

Leaders of BRICS countries pose for group photo before summit

Xi, Putin agree to enhance strategic coordination Devonta Freeman Falcons Jersey , appropriately deal with DPRK nuclear test

Xi stresses China-Mexico strategic synergy

Aerial view of Hukou Waterfall in N China

Enchanting Xiamen ahead of 9th BRICS Summit

Rice in NE China enters harvest season

Salt fields enter into harvest season in China's Liaoning

Schools in China open recently after summer vacation


Gong Lumin, head coach of Chinese men's basketball team reacts in a training session of basketball in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Aug. 4, 2016. (XinhuaMeng Yongmin)


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